Pocket Scales - OHAUS Offers a variety of portable, pocket-size scales.

The OHAUS YA Series Pocket Scale delivers great performance in a stylish, yet functional design and convenient size, that’s ideal to take anywhere – carry it in a brief case or drop it in your pocket! With a bright, backlit LCD and simple, quick operation, it puts precision weighing in the palm of your hand!

OHAUS PS Pocket Scales deliver great performance in a unique stylish yet functional design. The combination pan & cover slides back for weighing and forward to cover the display and keys for storage or transport. Two mechanical buttons and a crisp LCD allow for simple, quick operation. With the PS there is no reason to settle for other brands when you can have an Ohaus.

OHAUS Hand-Held Portable Electronic Scales offer convenient, compact and portable weighing capability in the palm of your hand! These little scales with sleek styling and convenient size are ideal to take anywhere–throw it in a brief case or drop it in a backpack. Whether you choose the HH120D model with basic grams weighing or the HH120 and HH320 models with multiple weighing units, the Ohaus Hand-Held series offers outstanding performance and exceptional value.

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Pocket Scales