Triton Traverse

Triton Traverse

Product Description

  • LCD – 8" wide color display
  • Printer – 58mm with graphic support
  • Cabinet – UL291 business hours
  • Shared Bolt Hole Pattern - allows for replacement of Triton OR Hantle, and NH products without drilling new holes
  • Software – Triton Dynamic Language (TDL), the most universally accepted white label message format
  • Dispenser Options:
    - SCDU - Single Cassette 1000 Note) includes Integrated Security Software (standard)
    - HCDU - Dual Cassettes (1,700 note) includes Integrated Security Software (Optional)
  • Traverse™- No Mech Configured for SDD
  • Card Reader – Dip (standard) or EMV

    Security & Compliance:
    •PCI-compliant EPP
    •ADA compliant
    •Triton Key Management (optional)
    •Digitally signed software updates
    •TCP/IP with SSL encryption Locks
    •Manual Lock standard
    •Electronic Lock (optional
    •Kaba® Mas Cencon 2000 Lock (optional)

  • Triton Traverse
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