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  • Boost Sales by 20-30%
  • Earn Commission for
    every transaction
  • No credit card processing
    or transaction fees to pay

We Have Options!

Purchase an ATM through National Bank Equipment (You would be responsible for the cash replenishment and would receive the ATM Surcharge, with NBE  providing the transaction processing and service.

(Revenue Share) National Bank Equipment provides the equipment and installation at  the customers locations(s). NBE provides the transaction  processing and maintenance and the customer (you)  provide cash replenishment for the ATM. Customer and NBE  share in the ATM surcharge based on the number of  transactions.

National Bank Equipment provides the equipment and all services for the ATM at the customer’s location(s) including cash replenishment. You and NBE share in the ATM surcharge based on the number of transactions. Contact us for more information and see how our service can work for you!

Did you know?

National Bank Equipment can design custom screen graphics and wraps to help brand or co brand your store, a particular item, event, or just about anything else that you would like. Contact us to discuss your needs. We will work closely with you to ensure that your message is carefully crafted and effectively communicated.

ATM Installation includes

  • Delivery/ Installation
  • Programming, Training
  • Password/Vault Combinations Set
  • ATM Brought Live to PBX Network


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